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AppleWhite Dental Partners: A Different Kind of Corporate Dental Practice

AppleWhite Dental Partners is a regional leader in dental care, research, and education. AppleWhite doctors and staff share a common philosophy: the needs of the patient come first, and there are no shortcuts to quality delivery of dental care. Founded in 2008, AppleWhite Dental Partner’s mission is to create a regional dental partnership that practices innovative dentistry and provides an outstanding patient experience. We have created an uncommon and exciting working relationship with dentists through our mission.

A Progressive Approach to Partnership

Participating practices receive business support in such areas as accounting, finance, purchasing, marketing, human resources, and information technology. Dentists enjoy the ability to concentrate on what they do best- treating patients and delivering excellent care. Find out more about what we do and the benefits of AppleWhite…

A Team Approach to Group Practice

Joining AppleWhite doesn’t mean giving up control. We work with you to provide a solid foundation and you retain professional and clinical judgment over your practice. Your team remains your team, unless you request a staffing change. Additionally, dentists who become dental partners enjoy the benefits of passive income generated from the group. Meet the management team and see our current practices

A 21st Century Practice for 21st Century Dentists

Graduated dental school and looking to join a practice? Or are you a seasoned dentist ready to transition an established practice? Consider AppleWhite Dental Partners! A modern solution, AppleWhite offers dental management to practices across the Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Contact us today and find out more about the AppleWhite way!

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